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Lender Preferred Appraisals

As we roll into a new economic climate, we are available to value your residential home interests in an accurate and a timely manner. Southeastern Wisconsin is our home. We are here to help you.

Please remember that it might be tempting to skip the in-person appraisal when you’re buying a home, especially when you’re in dollar-saving mode. However, an appraisal is designed to protect buyers from overpaying for a home. Because of this, it rarely makes sense for buyers to skip that in-person appraisal.

Lender Preferred Appraisals offers national appraisal firm knowledge and a strong commitment to our community. The ethics, accuracy and quality of Lender Preferred Appraisals are of the highest standards. 

We would like to welcome our newest Appraiser Trainee - Jacob Selensky !!



Our Credentials

  • Licensed and Certified by the State of Wisconsin
  • AQB Compliant
  • FHA/HUD/VA/USDA Approved
  • Members of the Wisconsin Realtors Association
  • E & O Insured
  • Appraising Since 2001

The communities we serve have allowed us the privilege to appraise


worth of properties in Southeastern Wisconsin.